My post-show depression does not always happen these days. I might have been relatively desentisised as time goes on but when something comes my way that gives me an expectation and actually meet it, I can kind of get taken aback. Especially when I dont know that I was watching its last episode.

Wentworth is complex and messy. There are plenty of plot holes but that is to be expected with any show that shares its sheer amount of volume. But that didnt stop me from thoroughly enjoying the entire thing. There’s really was a shit ton going on and you’re almost always never bored even if you’re binging 4-6 episodes a day. And each arc feels different. Sure there are parts of the story I dont particularly care about as much but the ones that do are abundant and I get so attached it that it made the show personal. There things that characters do that you question, and you will question a lot. You wonder if it even serves a larger purpose or was it to reveal some sort of backstory of certain characters. But whatever it was, it’s never disappointing. I feel that I could go on and on about what makes it so damn good and also what was not so great but I’ll just list down the things that got me. I would love to elaborate but I think I might need hours to do so and it’ll be a complete analytical shit fest.

  • Bea’s escape was brilliant
  • Just fuckin Bea
  • Gate Gay Bea
  • Allie be smacked but still loves Bea
  • Allie smokessssssssss
  • Fuckin Ferguson
  • Liz Fuck’n Birdthsworth entire fucking shitfest of a life
  • Franky and All She Does
  • Boomer x Franky
  • Boomer x Liz
  • Boomer x Maxine!
  • Will Jackson is my future
  • Everybody fucks everybody
  • All the control freaks
  • Marie especially when she seems human, fuck she’s actually so hot afterwards despite that forehead
  • Connors is FUCKING BADASS
  • All the Top Dog shit
  • Ferguson AGAIN
  • Stupid helpess Vera is not so helpless
  • Lou Fuck’n Kelly is my master
  • How the fuck is she so cool?
  • What the fuck is going on?
  • They dont know, I dont know
  • Oh yeah how could I forget about Jacs? You’d think she’ll be the one holding the torch all the way but you’re a fuckin noob and you dont know shit
  • Of course it’s Ferguson again god fuckin damn it

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